Thursday, April 15, 2010

Reading and Online text

I made my way to this article -
Literacy Debate: Online, R U Really Reading?

This is a question that people debate back and forth and seem to settle on their own opinion regardless of what others say.

A phrase I like from the article, "engagement with text" is important in a transmedia experience. By design, many transmedia experiences are short, multimedia experiences with a core one or two sources that contain a bulk of the content. As pointed out in the article, many find the "core" source to not be of interest, thus gravitating toward the interactive, smaller, "chunks". But the user is engaged.

I have also seen books that add a crossmedia experience to entice, support, continue and so on a reader. It is important to note those last words I used; enticing a user to continue the story vs supporting the existing story vs adding new elements are all very different mindsets, expectation levels and thus should have different delivery strategies.

Reading is a dividing line in many educational settings and I am certain it will continue to be one with transmedia and crossmedia structures.

What do you think?

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