Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Using Media to Build Engagement

Using Media to Build Engagement

So, the transmedia and digital literacy units I am working through with the seniors will be here in about two weeks.

I am using a page from the "Why so Serious" campaign used for the Dark Knight movie (and I am sure others have done this as well). They revealed Heath Ledger as the Joker pixel by pixel.

I used this free website to make a motivational poster bighugelabs.com/motivator.php and saved the poster as an image file (JPG format).

I then used this resource www.blockposters.com/ which chopped it up and let me save it as a PDF.

Both ridiculously easy to use.

I have a bulletin board in the front of the room. I cleared it today. Tomorrow I will pin up the pieces one by one and saying nothing else. Then by the start of the unit, they will have something to build on (And I have a hook for the unit). Plus, starting this way gives a different feel than just standing up and starting a lecture.

The nice thing is, one of the pieces of the final project can be the students creating a similar visual/experience. So I not only build interest, but I am demonstrating a possible transmedia/crossmedia technique – aka practicing what I preach.

my example

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