Thursday, April 15, 2010

Treme (nola) and Transmedia and newspapers

Caught this article about index/nonfiction as story -

which led me to the show's web site -

and to this article - (which has a place readers can share comments - more interaction)

What I like about this

First, as a general awesome link between a fiction and non-fiction source - cool!!!!

Second, it is a way for newspapers to find a place to jump back into places where they seem to be dying.

Third, what a great way to teach culture, geography, social studies and such

I do not have HBO so still waiting to see Treme (I am looking to see if it is online yet...) - but I can see from the official site there are some transmedial elements and potential for even more - how many people might start to really look into this time period and place (I already have as I write some stories that take place in Nola and from general time period).

This is an example of how I think transmedia can be used in education!!!!!!!

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