Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Digital citizenship curriculum

a very important part of any artistic/media/etc. endeavor and just important in being a person on this planet - is the concept of intellectual property. One of the "roadbumps" in this changing world is how individuals interact and use content that comes to them.

Everyone wants everything for free, ideally... and the ethical lines people make between just using, stealing, and such has begun to blur or is not really addressed well, IMO, in the education system.

As part of any transmedia/digital/actually any type of project - creative content and intellectual property needs to be addressed. here is one new, and very solid, curriculum that comes with everything all set. And it is very good!!!! I plan on using this at the beginning of any unit. I like it is scenario based, meaning it has real world examples that students work through.

As transmedia/digital media moves into our lives more and more - who owns what is going to blur more and more (a piece of a transmedia project is the user becomes the creator in some avenues). There are actually some simulations where a student has his/her image used when at a video game contest and the implications of someone is making money and what can they do. Another - it's going to be interesting to see where things land.

p.s. - I found this copyright resource that looks interesting as well -

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