Friday, March 26, 2010

World Without Oil - A transmedia-like project with practical use in the classroom.

So yes, this has been around since 2007 and is about to celebrate its three year anniversary - it till is a great resource and example of how to bring transmedia structure into education

World Without Oil - A transmedia-like project with practical use in the classroom. -

This game/event/lesson/story/put your own word here experience ran from April 30, 2007 – June 1, 2007. It let the users, the players, be the creators and writers while puppetmasters guided, linked, collected and basically just sat back and let it go. It is a great example of a way a transmedia approach can be used to generate learning and bring people to content. The "playing" to learn idea is important in a transmedia structure, and one that has good and bad when invoked in an educational setting – here, IMO is a good thing.

They also are trying to maintain an archive, even as the game ends. This is an important topic in transmedia, and one I think is not addressed enough….

I plan on using this in my environmental science classes as well as other places, it is a topic all people should really think about – and as you will see from the materials created – the response is so varied – check out the lesson plan page for some ideas - - they even have compiled some state standards that the projects links with – also, the lesson plan page has some great ideas that should be considered with any transmedia/crossmedia lesson – not just this one.

Check these links for more information – an overview of how to still access the game and "play" - more info and lesson plans including an independent study plan for students - - the World without Oil blog – continues to follow certain topics - World without Oil YouTube channel - some examples from the experience

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