Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Two upcoming Projects

Ok so a brief run down of two projects I am working on at the high school level

1. GIS and Forest Fire Ecology - this is being delivered in a Botany class - the class is an elective and populated with seniors - the unit will be taking a transmedia (very loosely defined) approach to the structure and the final product to be delivered

2. Transmedia and Digital Literacy - this is being delivered to a group of senior from the culinary program who have been taking online classes. This will be done at the end of the year and will actually introduce the conepts of transmedia and then the students will create a transmedia product with a culinary theme

So two different projects and lot of fun and trying new things. I am doing both with seniors and at the end of the year - which brings a few items to the table - seniors and the end of the year aka senioritis, two very different class structures and very different final outcomes desired - which means I can compare how these go over.... here is to a few wild and fun months!!!!!

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