Friday, March 19, 2010

Does this device exist - cell phone apps in the classroom

Alright - so reading about this cool iphone app and how it could be used in a great way in a class setting. But of course we reach the idea of no cellphones in school, not all can afford cellphones, etc.

Is there a handheld device being made, that is cheap, but mimics an iphone so students in a classroom can download, access and learn how to use these programs? Yes, there is the ITouch and I am starting to look into how to find funding for that, but are there similar devices?

Bringing transmedia concepts to learning would JUMP 1 gahzillion fold if this hurdle could be overcome (only because the world is shifting to handheld devices)

So does anyone know of such a device or funding? Please share the info as I'd like to look into bringing the use of Apps into the classroom.

Here is an example of an iTouch cart that would be awesome -

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