Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Research for Educational styles

Oh there is so much out there, and as I am trying to organize, categorize and produce resources, I am coming across so much.

I need to finish reading through this presentation but it is good background research that i file in the developing a classroom approach and developing the theory end.

I found the presentation at this blog - - which is a good read as well, this is a blog aimed at marketing, but it hits home with education as well.

Here are a couple of quotes from the article and they tie into the presentation.

"Take a social utility such as Facebook, for example. We’re seeing tremendous growth in adoption, yet profound shifts in retention, and a noticeable decline in attention. This means that people are yearning for experiences they can’t get anywhere else (or those they can get anywhere), and are not interested in being herded into a corner to find them. They also crave ubiquity — this means less time spent in a particular location, engaging with content we think they care about. "

and this one

"The larger point is that all of the real-world intelligence we have available at our fingertips is actually reopening the doors of self-actualization, because we are now seeking action, not just alignment with our personal value systems. The social web of the last few years has validated much of our beliefs, and now it is formalizing more viscerally in the way we build our social graphs and in how communities band together. We are witnessing a profound shift in consciousness, and this is not something that I think any of us could’ve predicted or even imagined, at least not to this extent. "

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