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An Example of a Transmedia Project/Lesson for Middle school - High school

So I found this lesson/project – Transmedia Improv – it was introduced in 2006'

This is a great example of scaffolding in a new concept – which is transmedia. While this leans more to digital storytelling and crossmedia use, it does have the transmedia addition that all students created new narrative for the original universe and then used a different platform.

Now – why can't this method be used to teach ANY content - we are studying the civil war - here is the basic introductions – now follow one of these basic essential questions and prepare a transmedia product – then the entire class presents – thus everyone is exposed to all content and you've reached the same endgame.

As I find specific lessons and projects – I'll spotlight them here and share – if you know of any – please share!!!!!!!!!!

The lesson/project


Over view of the project - This is from a Flickr account ( with images detailing the project –

" We created the Transmedia Improv for high school and middle school kids in which they role-play aliens and create remixed content from Star Wars and the web. No joke. We beta-tested with two groups of really cool kids, once in Boston (pictures you see here) and once in Chicago.

Here are the basic steps: We all watch the cantina scene from Star Wars. They use a website we created called The Cantina, where they create a profile for an alien they'd like to role-play. They invent a back-story with their partner for how the two of them arrive at the Cantina together. The do an image search for locations for their back-story and integrate these into sequential Powerpoint slides. They use IM to generate dialogue with a partner and integrate it into Powerpoint as word balloons like a comicstrip. They can add music and sound effects too. They upload their finished pieces to the website and we have a group show and tell.

The idea is that the kids learn technical skills (Exercises) while making creative choices and remixing content (Expressions). Along the way, the teacher leads discussions on the Ethics of making and consuming media. Since kids are making their own media pieces, the idea is that they're more invested in the Ethics. Star Wars and other media properties are discussed as Exemplars, referencing and analyzing the role media plays in the kids lives and our culture at large."

I found a number of references and articles documenting this project

An extension -

Some photos of this project -

Article by Henry Jenkins with overview of project -

Article by Henry Jenkins with overview of project -

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