Wednesday, March 17, 2010

First steps in setting up my transmedia lesson - the hurdle of time

Well, working on getting things together. I worked with another teacher to provide a few extra periods during the first two days of the project - this will make a big difference, and one of the biggest hurdles to a transmedia construct in a classroom.

we have 42 minute periods - and while the ideal is to have students working on content outside of those 42 minutes, realistically, a lot of what happens only occurs in those 42 minutes, especially with the one type of student I work with.

So you start to introduce a subject, and bam bell rings, they go on to other classes and have 24 hours worth of other stuff to compete with and then you spend time on day two trying to reorient and well... time is one of the biggest hurdles to overcome (more of these as we go along)

So with my GIS and Forest Fire Ecology class I am semi lucking out - I have them one period, once a week - how's that for trying to make continuity - luckily the botany teacher is going to incorporate the project more into his class, so at least students will have more than once a week... but that is one time structure

with the culinary - I will have three periods the first day - then many of the students are gone for a function, then the weekend, then Monday I have them for three periods again - then we move to the one period a day...

I think, for a transmedia project, especially if it is the first time introducing this type of project, or with certain levels/populations, if you can barter some swing time for the first day or two when introducing.... it will make a huge difference.

when I put up my lessons and plans, I'll try to keep it so they could be broken down into smaller time units....

I also want to address the hurdle of time and other hurdles as I go - plus in the workshop series I am developing - classroom structure and timing are two big item to discuss.

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